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Veteran’s Pension Programs

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Hero Corner | 0 comments

There are pensions available to U.S. military veterans and widowed spouses of veterans. If you satisfy the VA pension eligibility requirements, you may qualify for a preferential pension scheme. This is considered supplemental income for wartime veterans. The program provides monthly benefit payments to certain veterans with financial need. For instance, veterans aged at least 65 years and have a low income may qualify for an automatic VA Pension. However, you must have served at least 90 days of active duty. Alternatively, you should have at least a 40% disability rating compensation rating or higher in each limb. Medical evidence must be submitted for these types of applications.

Two of VA’s main VBA pension programs are needs-based, unlike VA’s disability compensation program. These two benefits are “add-ons” to the pension. The first one is for veterans over the age of 65 who require assistance with their daily living activities. The other pension program is available to veterans who received the Medal of Honor.

Let us know if you are a veteran, and we will start the process of getting you into the pension program.

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