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Can The Military Really Prepare You For Civilian Life?

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The military can be a great training ground for many aspects of civilian life. The structure and discipline of military life can teach important lessons in time management, leadership, and teamwork.

In addition, the experience of living and working in a close-knit community can help to build strong social skills. However, there are also some ways in which the military cannot fully prepare you for civilian life. For example, civilians typically have more freedom to choose their own work hours and dress code. They also generally have more opportunities to pursue personal interests and hobbies. In addition, civilians usually have less contact with people from other cultures and backgrounds. As a result, the transition to civilian life can be challenging for some veterans. Nevertheless, the skills and experience gained in the military can provide a strong foundation for success in civilian life.

Small Businesses Loans

Many veterans enter the job market as small business owners. In fact, more veterans than non-veterans start small businesses in the US. However, not every veteran has enough personal capital to start their own business. Like any businessman, veterans need funding to...

Home Loan Guarantees

A VA guarantee shields lenders from loss if a debtor is unable to repay a loan. The loan is issued by private lenders and partially backed or guaranteed by the VA. These loans are for eligible service-members and veterans and carry several benefits. Buyers don't have...

9 Organizations That Help Veterans Transition Back to Civilian Life

When veterans return to civilian life They often face a number of challenges such as unemployment, difficulty accessing healthcare, and mental health issues like PTSD. Many veterans struggle to adapt to the lifestyle changes, and the lack of support for their unique...

The Challenges Of Being A Single Parent In The Military

Being a single parent in the military is not an easy task by any means. You have to worry about taking care of your child and doing your job at the same time. There are many challenges that come with being a single parent in the military, but with a lot of hard work...

5 Things to Consider When Hiring A Veteran

If you are looking to hire a veteran for your company, there are several things to consider before making the commitment. Veterans have served their country and deserve the opportunity to work in any capacity they choose. But as with any candidate, it is important to...

Military Robots Flowchart


Is my VA clinic available for in-person care?This varies from one facility to another.On what day of the week will Veterans Day be observed? November 11.How and where do I apply for a home, business, or car loans? You must complete VA Form 26-1880 and send it to the...

Education Programs

Students who have served the nation in uniform need education support. Fortunately, veterans have many options for getting help to further their civilian education. Veterans enrolled in education programs typically qualify for educational assistance in most states,...

Low-cost Medical Care

Every veteran should have access to affordable, quality health care. That's why the VA is mandated to provide health care services to veterans who meet eligibility criteria. If you're a veteran who completed his service without any issue, you may be eligible to access...

Veteran’s Pension Programs

There are pensions available to U.S. military veterans and widowed spouses of veterans. If you satisfy the VA pension eligibility requirements, you may qualify for a preferential pension scheme. This is considered supplemental income for wartime veterans. The program...


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