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The national Military Order of the Purple Heart mission is to foster an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among combat wounded veterans, promote patriotism, support necessary legislative initiatives, and most importantly, provides service to all veterans and their families. Chapter 1919 is composed entirely of volunteers, with impressive credentials, without any salaried personnel.  Based on this, our delivery of services is person to person, usually with our Welfare Officer being a critical point of contact.  Our Welfare Officer is a previous Commander and leads a staff of highly motivated volunteers.  Our Service Officer has received training on all aspects of his responsibilities and has served with the Texas Veterans Commission as a Senior Service Officer.  All our services to Veterans and their families are reviewed by our Board on a monthly basis to determine if all appropriate actions are taken and discuss ways we can improve our services to Veterans.  If it is determined that the needs of the Veteran and family has not been met we will take appropriate action(s).  Feedback is important to us as it is to any major organization.  Because we use the more direct delivery service to our veterans and their families,  our feedback is also direct and timely.  We do not subscribe to indirect methods such as surveys but the more direct approach using person to person contact.  Our service area is mainly the Capital of Texas area and surrounding counties.  However, due to our far reaching newsletter, website, and member locations we have assisted veterans and their families statewide, nationwide and active duty in Combat – usually with answering their questions and if necessary directing them to the correct Veteran Service Organizations.


In the past year, Chapter 1919 has assisted many veterans in need; providing them with many essential items.  In 2009, Chapter 1919 assisted 22 Veterans and their family members with clothing, shoes and other essentials for 27 Children.  Chapter 1919 assisted 3 Veterans and families with rent payments; utility payments for 4 Veterans and their families and repairs to 5 vehicles for Veterans needing assistance for transportation to obtain work. Chapter 1919, provided funds to the Austin Veterans Administration Clinic Welfare Fund, in order to secure bus passes and other transportation for Veterans requiring assistance in order to arrive at appointments. Chapter 1919 funded $1,400 to restore disconnected utility services for a Combat Wounded Veteran that lost an arm and an eye in Combat in Vietnam.  Chapter 1919 provided financial assistance to assist a recently medically discharged Veteran wounded in Iraq and provided assistance for a Patriot who was laid off and needed funds to survive until his first unemployment check arrived; three Veterans who needed assistance during lengthy periods of hospitalization; assisted in paying additional costs for special equipment for vehicles of two Disabled Veterans; and purchased used furniture for a displaced Veteran and his family.  A Veteran Student requested assistance regarding rent, food and gas for personal car.  He was out of funds and was waiting for his first VA Education check.  We were able to negotiate with the apartment manager and avoid late charges for rent; paid the electric bill; purchased a few groceries and bought a tank of gas - all for just over $500.  Since we have a strict policy of not exceeding $500 per request, the additional costs were absorbed by personal donations collected from MOPH Patriots.

For many years before the VA assumed this service in 2013 at the new Austin Clinic, Chapter 1919’s Coffee Bar partners with the local veteran administration in Austin where Chapter 1919 served each weekday at the VA Outpatient Clinic, free of charge, refreshments and snacks to the Disabled Veteran patients while they waited for their medical appointments. More than 25 chapter volunteers took turns serving, and annually worked an average of 2,500+ hours while serving approximately 50,000 cups of coffee; 6,800 servings of orange juice; and 27,700 snack packets.

Chapter 1919 provided part of the purchase cost of a new van for the new Cedar Park Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic, and has also donated over $6,000 to Veterans Administration Welfare Fund to provide emergency travel and incidental expenses for needy patients that have medical appointments at other Veterans Administration Centers throughout Texas.


At Thanksgiving, Chapter 1919 partners with Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans in providing a free turkey dinner to all Veterans Administration, Inpatients at Temple and Kerrville Hospitals. Chapter 1919 has previously shipped 1,000 lbs. of used children’s clothing to Iraq where it was distributed to needy families by 4th Infantry Division Soldiers, deployed from Fort Hood.


Chapter 1919 annually presents Leadership Awards to ROTC Cadets in eight Texas Universities and to the Junior ROTC programs in 24 participating High Schools in the Texas Capital area.  Chapter 1919 is an annual sponsor of a Youth League Baseball Team and Post-Season All-Stars.  Chapter 1919 conducts fund raising drives for toys, clothing and food, to be donated to various Toys For Tots, Food Pantry, CARITAS, and Austin’s “Safe Place” for battered women. Prior to Christmas, Chapter 1919 assist participating schools in sending holiday greeting cards to the inpatients of the Temple and Kerrville Veterans Administration Medical Facilities.


The objective of Chapter 1919’s Operation Purple Santa is to locate, qualify, and select one or more Veterans and their families for adoption for the current Holiday Season plus working with the family or families throughout the full calendar year following the Christmas Holidays. This would involve working with the family/families at special times throughout the year mainly birthdays, special events, help with school supplies and emergency situations within the Chapters means.  It is not intended to take the place of the Veteran and spouses responsibility of providing for their families. Criteria for selecting a family is as follows: The family must be in need. The family must have at least one child.  There must be no evidence of any abuse of drugs, alcohol ,or tobacco.  Obviously, there must be no evidence of family abuse of any kind. There must be positive evidence that the Veteran and spouse is making every effort to support their family morally and financially. Purple Santa also works with other Vets in need. Purple Santa also works with Safe Place collecting toys for kids and other needed items.



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