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Mustang Mentors for Veterans, a pilot program of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, was created to join Veterans of all services with American Mustangs. The Mission of this program is to assist Veterans in building life skills through the training of wild horses. Through this program, Veterans will gain experience that provides them with marketable vocational skills while gentling Mustangs for adoptive homes.


The Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 1919 gratefully thanks the Mustang Heritage Foundation and Mustang Mentors for Veterans for all their help and support making the Purple Heart Golf Tournament a great success in 2013 and 2014. This event will again be jointly sponsored in September 2015 at River Place Country Club.

Visit Mustang Mentors for Veterans website

View the CBS video featuring the 2014 veterans.

Wild mustangs help military veterans re-enter society

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Mustang Mentors Supporters - THANK YOU

Dear Mustang Mentor Supporters,


The Mustang Heritage Foundation received several exceptional applications from trainers to participate in the Mustang Mentors at the Foundation headquarters in Georgetown, TX. CONGRATULATIONS - you have been an integral part of helping another group.  These are all still active duty veterans but are eager to have a wild mustang training experience. This will be a very exciting program and we are glad to be working with you.  For information on the mustangs and veterans currently participation please visit the following link  Mustang Mentors Webpage


On June 15 we made the trip to Paul's Valley and picked up yet another group of wild mustangs. Due to your support the Foundation was able to pay the adoption fee for each veteran!  Each veteran then spent time picking out their very own mustang.  For news clips of the day please click on the following Oklahoma City News Channel 9


They will continue to work with their horses Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday through August 5.  Please stop by to see us when you get a chance.  Call 512-869-3225 to schedule an appointment.  Also we will be hosting an Open House on July 30, 2015 to showcase the program, and give you a chance to see the progress each veteran has made.


Again thank you for your commitment to veterans and mustangs.  You are changing lives one adoption at a time.  Please look for updates on the progress they are making.


Thank you for your interest - we look forward to working with you during the Mustang Mentor Program.




Byron Hogan Program Coordinator

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Mustang Mentors for Veterans

A pilot program

of the Mustang Heritage Foundation

MOPH Commander Danny Baker with John Collins

 and staff member Christie of Mustang Mentors for Veterans

Coal Chamber and Veteran’s Victory Valor (Pecos)

3-year old Mustang gildings Mary and Steve are currently training

Coal Chamber and Veteran’s Victory Valor (Pecos)

will be available for adoption during

Mustang Millions, September 17-21, 2013, in Fort Worth.


Last Updated 4-7-2016