Military Order

 of the

Purple Heart

    Texas Capital Chapter 1919

   Austin, Texas


Milton Carr, Adjutant

Chapter 1919, Military Order of the Purple Heart

5114 Balcones Woods Dr., Suite 307 #175

Austin, Texas 78759-5212

see website:  or, e-mail:  or,  call (512) 343-7940, Milt Carr, Adjutant


Who are we and what we do!

The (nationwide) organization for combat-wounded veterans is chartered by the Congress of the United States. This (local) Texas Capital Chapter (Chapter 1919) has nearly six hundred members throughout the state, but most live in the greater Austin metropolitan area.  In furtherance of the objects of the Order, the chapter undertakes educational, fraternal, historical, and patriotic activities in conformance with its Constitution and By-Laws, as set forth in Public Law 85-761.

Chapter 1919 is incorporated in the State of Texas as a tax-exempt, non-profit veterans group operating as a 501 (C) (19) organization.   Chapter 1919 owns no real estate and its officers and volunteers work from their homes and serve without pay or financial incentive.  One hundred percent of all contributed money is applied in furtherance of the objects of the Order as specifically detailed below on this page. The chapter does not engage in mass-mailings or phone solicitation, and does not employ professional fund-raisers.   Instead, we rely upon the good will of those who know of and support our worthy programs; primarily through “Booster” contributions from among the membership, from outside individuals and from corporate donors.  Donations to MOPH Chapter 1919 fully qualify as charitable contributions under the federal tax code and IRS rules.

Donations to support the activities we undertake can be made by check sent to the Adjutant as listed above or through PayPal using the secure button below.

Among those activities:

Giving needed hospital and service work through the Veterans Administration. Chapter 1919 volunteers regularly donate their services in the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic and the Temple VA Hospital.  Additionally, the chapter has provided part of the purchase cost of a new van for the Cedar Park VA Outpatient Clinic, donated over $6,000 to VA Social Work staff to provide emergency travel and incidental expenses for needy patients that have medical appointments in distant locations when they would otherwise not be able to travel, and provided funds and donated clothing for VA projects in Austin for needy female and homeless veterans.

Acting with other organizations having worthy objectives.  For 2015, Chapter 1919’s “Operation Purple Santa,” in partnership with Wheelers for the Wounded” raised $11,235 and provided Christmas gifts for children of recently returned Iraq-Afghanistan veterans at Fort Hood (239 children) and at Lackland AFB (80 children). In coordination with Mustang Mentors” the chapter holds annual golf tournaments helping raise funds for that highly successful program providing therapy for the traumatic brain injured by training wild mustangs.  During the heavy troop deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, the chapter participated with the City of Austin and Camp Mabry in sending 444 “care packages” primarily to isolated troop units (and the chapter purchased, packed and shipped another 300 care packages without assistance).  In an earlier initiative, the chapter  shipped 1,000 lbs. of used children’s clothing to Iraq where it was distributed to needy families by 4th Infantry Division soldiers from Fort Hood, that had requested that help. Chapter 1919 annually confers Leadership Awards to cadets in the eight ROTC programs at The University of Texas, Texas A&M University, Texas State University, and to the Junior ROTC programs in 24 participating High Schools in the Texas Capital area.


Providing needed assistance, comfort and aid to needy and distressed veterans and their families.  Throughout its history, the chapter has provided financial aid to needy veterans, most recently now that is for discharged Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Such aid is provided only in cases that have been vetted by the VA and then confirmed as legitimate by the chapter, the funds being paid directly for rent, utility bills, car repairs, etc., and not to the individual. Noteworthy cases have been $1,400 to restore disconnected city of Austin utilities services for a veteran who had lost an arm and an eye in combat in Vietnam.  It also has purchased and moved into position, a replacement mobile home for a combat wounded veteran who had lost his home in a fire.


Preserving and strengthening comradeship and patriotism among the members. Our fraternal obligation is, “No member should be allowed to be friendless when lonely, or without aid when in need”.  The Chapter newsletter, PATRIOT BULLETIN, has a history of receiving multiple annual awards as the “Best Purple Heart Newsletter in the Nation”. It is used to educate members about the Order, to instill a deeper sense of patriotism, and to provide information concerning veterans benefits, especially those benefits directed to recipients of the Purple Heart.  Perhaps most importantly, it provides a “sense of belonging” for our distant members. 


Influencing and teaching our citizenry, in a loyal appreciation of the heritages of American citizenship. Combat wounded veterans have made appearances at the University of Texas ROTC, to local high schools and elementary schools to relate their wartime experiences and to talk on Americanism.


Educational Assistance. The Chapter coordinated establishment of a $100,000 permanent endowment at Austin Community College for scholarships that is open to veterans and spouses. This endowment was established in 2001, and since that time the Chapter has periodically contributed additional funds.

   Click here to read the ACC Scholarship             


Commemorating national patriotic holidays. Two special dates are celebrated each year that are unique to this organization.  The first is “Purple Heart Day”, the anniversary of the establishment of the Purple Heart Award by General George Washington on Aug 7, 1782, which is observed with public ceremony.  Also, Chapter 1919 celebrates the birthday of General George Washington, the father of our nation and the founder of the Purple Heart, with an annual dinner party.  High profile guest speakers for Chapter 1919 events have included the governor, lieutenant governor, senators and representatives of the state of Texas, and U.S. congressmen.  On the other traditional national patriotic holidays, the chapter participates in parades or public ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.         


Last Updated 2-6-2017