Military Order

 of the

Purple Heart


    Texas Capital Chapter 1919

   Austin, Texas



GI Breakfast


…meeting in surrounding towns…

What is a GI Breakfast? A GI Breakfast is that typical breakfast that we remember from "the good ole days" in the service; Hot Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Fresh Fruit, Toast or Biscuits, and all the Hot Coffee you want. YUM! YUM!


Why are these breakfasts held? Texas Capital Chapter 1919, realizing that a lot of the membership lives long distances from Austin, started this program four years ago. Yes, we meet in several surrounding locations.


What purpose do these breakfasts serve? Good news and some of the latest changes in Veteran's Benefits are discussed. A pertinent question and answer period follows. These breakfasts also serve as a means of creating a community of fellowship within all of our Combat Wounded Veterans -­members of the chapter or not.


Who can attend these breakfasts? Combat Wounded Veterans and Non-wounded alike. Attendees are encouraged to bring their families, as some of the information imparted is beneficial to them as well. Veterans are surprised to hear some of the concerns of their spouses. If you know of any Purple Heart recipient, bring him/her along.


What is the cost involved? The usual cost is $6.95 per plate, and all of the proceeds go to defray the cost of the food and the use of the facility. Usually, you pay for yourself and your guests upon registering and/or signing in.


How do we get there? A map is on the flip side of the invitation that gives you directions as to how exactly to get to meeting place.


How can we make arrangements to attend? We mail a response SASS Post Card we would like for you to fill out and mail back to us, whether you are attending or not. If attending, we need your complete name and number of guests. If you are not a member of our chapter, and think you would like to be one, bring a copy of your Discharge Certificate that shows your Purple Heart Award.


Got Questions? Call about any questions or special needs you might have.


Yours in Peace,


Membership Chairman